Teachers' Page

Teachers' Page

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CO2 Capture and Storage, or CCS, is gaining momentum as a CO2 mitigation technology as we become well acquainted as a society about our current and future energy demands. Renewables, energy efficiency, and other tools will be needed in order to address climate change and CCS is one of the tools that has the potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions until other energy sources mature or can be put in place.

CCS101 is active at science teachers’ conferences and has heard from teachers that new curriculum changes, introducing environmental science, have created an opportunity to teach students about CCS. On this page we have links to educational resources and lesson plans drafted from around North America and the world, so that teachers can have linkages to the latest technology development as they teach and prepare their students for the challenges of tomorrow.

We would also like to hear from teachers about materials that would be helpful in their education efforts so that we better understand their challenges as well and that the information we’re providing is useful in a classroom setting. Contact Us here!

Thanks for visiting CCS101.ca we hope to hear from you about how we can make CCS part of your lesson plans.

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