CO2 Capture Methods

Capture units can be used to reduce CO2 emissions from industrial plants and fossil fuel-fired power plants, by 85 to 95%. The units can be retrofitted to existing plants or designed into the creation of new ones.

Capturing CO2 is the most expensive part of the CCS process, and in fact several existing and potential technologies are in development  (see the other links in this section).  Unlike injection, transport and measurement/monitoring technologies – all of which have been proven and used in other industrial operations such as oil and gas exploration and power generation – capture technology development is still on-going and various companies globally are developing and fine-tuning processes.  The price of capture is expected to fall as more technologies are developed and implemented.

  • CO2 can be captured from flue gas stacks or by modifying combustion technology  
  • Capture is most cost-effective at large stationary sources of CO2 (power plants, refineries, oil sands upgraders)
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