Research in Canada

In this section you will find a list of some of the CCS research, development and demonstration projects either completed or on-going in Canada.

Projects are broken down into research area.  Please use the sub-links in the left navigation menu or our "Quick Links" on the right.



Advanced Brayton-Cycle-Based Zero-Emission Power Plants Burning Fossil Fuels

Feasibility of integration of membrane reactor with gasification for clean coal application

Zero Emissions Hydrogen Production via Gasification (ZEHP


Development and demonstration of cost effective amine based solvent scrubbing technologies for carbon dioxide capture from combustion flue gases

Increasing Gasifier Availability via Improved Refractory and Injector Designs

International Test Centre for Carbon Dioxide Capture (ITC)

Micro-porous hollow fiber for Greenhouse Gas Separation and Capturing

Non-Thermal Plasma Multi-Pollutant Control Technology for Flue Gas Pre-Cleaning before Amine-CO2 Scrubbing Operation

Zero Emission Oxy-Fuel Combustion Technologies for Clean Fossil Fuels


Degree of Coal Swelling and Loss of Permeability Associated with Sequestration of CO2, H2S and Flue Gas - Selecting Optimum Coals for Sequestration

Enhancing the Capacity of CO2 Storage by Removing the Remaining Water in Depleted Oil Reservoirs

Experimental Investigation of CO2/Coal Interaction

Optimizing CO2 Storage in Oil Reservoirs

Investigations on the Greenhouse Gas Storage Capacity of Oil Reservoirs

Integrated Systems


Canadian Clean Power Coalition (CCPC)

Development of a Generalised Systems Scheduling Framework for the Operation of Generating Stations with CO2 Constraints in Canada

Development of Zero Emissions Direct Ammonia Fuel Cells for Efficient CHP

Integrated Economic Model

International Performance Assessment Centre for Geologic Storage of CO2 (IPAC-CO2)

National Intelligence Centre on Near Zero Emissions Clean Coal Technologies

Optimisation of Integrated CO2 Capture, Transportation and Storage in Canada

MMV (Monitoring, Measurement & Verification)

Analysis of Acid Gas Injection Sites in Alberta that Have Experienced Unforeseen Reservoir Performance Problems

CO2 Monitoring at Penn West CO2 EOR Pilot

IEA GHG Weyburn CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project

Near and Far Field Effects of CO2 Injection in Geological Formations: Toward Integrated Monitoring and Modelling Protocols

Pembina-Cardium CO2-EOR Monitoring Pilot

Timelapse seismic monitoring of CO2 injection into Ardley coals (CSEMP project)

Oxy-fuel Combustion

The CANMET CO2 Consortium

Closed Gas Turbine Cycle Project

Direct Carbon Fuel Cells

Electrical Power Production from Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustor (CFBC) Boilers with CO2 Capture

Integrated High-Efficiency Oxy-Fuel Combustion Process for CO2 Capture Comprising Slagging Combustor, Air Separation, and Gas Turbine Technologies

Oxy-Fuel Field Demonstration Project


Performance Assessment and Siting of CO2 Storage in Coalbeds, Combining Probabilistic and Deterministic Methods

Physical Model Studies of Wellbore Stability for Underground CO2 Storage

Storage Assessment

Alberta Saline Aquifer Project (ASAP)

Big Fenn, Alberta

Cassiar Tailings Mineralogy, Toxicity and Suitability for CO2 Sequestration, (an evaluation of)

CBM/ECBM Reservoir Characterization Methodology

CO2 Sequestration in British Columbia

CO2 storage capacity of deep coal seams in the vicinity of large CO2 point sources in central Alberta and Nova Scotia, (assessment of)

CO2 Storage by Mineral Carbonation Reactions: Kinetic and Mechanical Insight from Natural Analogs

CO2 Sequestration in British Columbia Coal Seams

Fixation of Greenhouse Gases in Mine Residues

Geologic sequestration of CO2 and simultaneous CO2 sequestration / CH4 production from natural gas hydrate reservoirs

Hydrate technology for gas separation and CO2 capture

Mineral carbonation in chrysotile mining waste: biological and chemical processes

PTRC Studies on CO2 Utilization and Extraction

Wabamun Area CO2 Sequestration Project (WASP)

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