International Publications

2010 Carbon Sequestration Atlas of the United States and Canada – Third Edition (Atlas III)

Building Capacity for CO2 Capture and Storage in the APEC Region
A Training Manual for Policy Makers and Practitioners

APEC Energy Working Group Project EWG 03/2004T, 2005

Carbon Capture Journal 

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage and the UNFCCC
Recommendations for Addressing Technical Issues

Carbon Dioxide Capture for Storage in Deep Geologic Formations - Results from the CO2 Capture Project, Volume Three Advances in CO2 Capture and Storage Technology (2004-2009)

Carbon Capture and Storage
Actions to achieve high performance in a low-carbon economy


Carbon Capture and Storage from Fossil Fuel Use
Howard Herzog and Dan Golomb, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laboratory for Energy and the Environment

Carbon Capture and Storage: Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change
IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage - A Win-Win Option, Future Energy Solutions
AEA Technology Environment

CO2 Capture and Sequestration, Clean Power from Fossil Fuels
European Commission 

CO2 Capture in Power Generation
IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

CO2 Storage Prospectivity of Selected Sedimentary Basins in the Region of China and South East Asia
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, 2005

Community Outreach Strategy for CO2 Capture and Storage Projects A strategy for successfully working with local communities to enhance your CO2 capture and storage project
APEC Energy Working Group Project EWG 03/2004T, 2005

(The) Copenhagen Diagnosis: Climate Science Report 

DOE/NETL Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage RD&D Roadmap

Energy Policies of IEA Countries - Canada -- 2009 Review
Executive Summary & Key Recommendations by the IEA: The full document can be ordered on-line at: 

Geologic Storage Formation Classifications: Understanding Its Importance and Impacts on CCS Opportunities in the United States
U.S. National Energy Technology Laboratory

Greenhouse Gas Abatement in Energy Intensive Industries
John Gale and Paul Freund, IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme, UK

IEA Work for the G8, 2008 Messages

IPCC Special Report on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage

(the) Liability of Carbon Dioxide Storage
Mark Anthony de Figueiredo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Near-Term Opportunities for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Summary Report of the Global Assessments Workshop, Oslo

(A) Policy Strategy for Carbon Capture & Storage, IEA, January 2012

Public Perception of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: Prioritised Assessment of Issues and Concerns, Summary for Policy-Makers
International Energy Agency

(A) Regulatory Framework for the Long-Term Underground Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide in Victoria
Department of Primary Industries, Australia

Recommendations on Near-term Opportunities for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage to the G8 Summit Hokkaido, Japan, July 2008 

Societal acceptance of carbon capture and storage technologies
Klaas van Alphen, Quirine van Voorst tot Voorst, Marko P. Hekkert, Ruud E.H.M. Smits
Department of Innovation Studies, Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development and Innovation, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Strategic Analysis of the Global Status of Carbon Capture & Storage
Global CCS Institute, May 2009

Storing CO2 in Unminable Coal Seams

Symposium on the Role of Enhanced Oil Recovery in Accelerating the Deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage
MIT Energy Initiative

(A) Technical Basis for Carbon Dioxide Storage
Members of the CO2 Capture Project

Towards a Sustainable Energy Future IEA programme of work on climate change, clean energy and sustainable development

What does CO2 Geological Storage Really Mean?
CO2GeoNet European Network of Excellence

World Energy Outlook 2010

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