CO2 Monitoring

The Measurement Monitoring and Verification (MMV) of stored CO2 traces fluids and injected CO2 during a storage project.

The purpose of MMV is: 

  • To determine if CO2 migrates out of zone 
  • To verify storage of CO2 over geologic time 
  • To ensure there is no impact on saline aquifers in the area

The potential for leaks is something that researchers, scientists and engineers take very seriously and are a key focus of CCS project planning to ensure leaks don't happen to begin with. Every conceivable scenario for stopping a leak and remediation of any damaged caused by a leak is taken into consideration as a part of CCS project planning.


  • Since 2000, the Weyburn-Midale Project (WMP) has been monitoring and measuring CO2 in the oil fields, to assure its permanent location and storage
  • 3D Seismic arrays monitor the movement of CO2 in the Weyburn‚ÄźMidale formation
  • Wells are being monitored to assure integrity of seals
  • Soil and potable well measurements are consistently being done
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