CCS Basics

CO2 Capture and Storage, or CCS, is only part of the big picture when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions into our atmosphere and lowering our carbon footprint.

CO2 is a natural substance in the air that is essential to life. As part of the natural carbon cycle, people and animals inhale oxygen from the air and exhale CO2. Meanwhile, green plants absorb CO2 for photosynthesis and emit oxygen back into the atmosphere. CO2 is also widely used for many purposes such as carbonating drinks and filling fire extinguishers.

As a greenhouse gas, its presence in the atmosphere traps heat from the sun. Normally, this keeps the climate warm enough for life to continue.  However, the burning of fossil fuels is increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere above naturally-occurring levels, contributing to global climate change.

Because of the increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere CCS is attracting interest as one of the many means of mitigating global climate change.

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