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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) – sometimes also referred to as Carbon Capture and Sequestration – is becoming well known as a potential means for reducing carbon (CO2) emissions. This website has been developed to answer the many questions that people may have about CCS, including what it is and how it works. The information provided here is meant to allow individuals to reach their own conclusions about CCS, its potential to reduce CO2 emissions, and whether CCS can help turn the tide on climate change.

International research indicates that CCS could play a very significant role in helping to mitigate climate change when combined with renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other tools. CCS may offer the most immediate solution available to reduce emissions for large set-point emitters of CO2 (such as power plants and refineries) which account for roughly 40% to 60% of all global CO2 emissions.

This site has been designed with the public in mind, and we want your feedback. Please take some time to learn more about CCS by navigating through the ‘CCS Basics’ area of the site. If you are interested in what Canadians think about having CCS in their communities check out the ‘CCS in Canadian Communities’ section. For those who have a basic knowledge of CCS and want to learn more, or those working in the industry and looking for more detailed information, go the ‘CCS Pro’ area of the site. If you still have questions, help us build the site by using the ‘Ask A Scientist’ or ‘Contact Us’ features.

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